My Goodness, I’m Signed In…

…to my WordPress account?!

Sometimes this will happen for days.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be letting others know this, but I forget to log out of things.  (Insert a sweating emote.)  My phone will die, and I realize I haven’t closed windows for weeks.  It’s just getting a little crowded with cookies.

(I really don’t understand if that’s what’s happening, but I’ve mentioned some things that sound like a possibility.)

To my son’s great consternation (I just needed to look that up in my dictionary), or maybe just his eye roll and the never-ending ability to mock my old brain farts, I have found I am acting more and more like an old person.

You see, it is to MY great consternation, I keep making these dumb mistakes.

Did anything I wrote make sense?


Well then, let’s start over again.  And, I WILL leave that up there in its nonsensical form because I think it’s vital we see our nonsensiness (my word).

I’m trying to say this:  I am an easy target for identity theft if I keep this up – this not ‘closing things’ when I’m done.  My computer and phone is now an open book for hackers and the like.

You know, but really, are they after me?  I don’t really own anything.  I’m pretty sure I’m safe.

Sigh, this is another sad day as I age.



2 thoughts on “My Goodness, I’m Signed In…

  1. Aw this was a sad post. Well if it helps any, it certainly made sense AND I know people of all ages (even those super responsible over achievers) that leave windows open for several weeks. I don’t think that’s an age thing, it just tends to happen to lots of us (myself included). Stay spiritually young, my friend.

    -Anoni E.


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