Have you ever wondered…

Am I a racist?  Or, a bigot?  Am I selective?

Let’s look at the facts.  I prefer people like me.  I prefer people who think like me.  I prefer people who care about what I care about.  I don’t like confrontation and so I quietly watch on the sidelines the world transpire.  I don’t like racists and bigots, but then I act like one at times in how I constantly make assumptions based on my own views.  Are we all racists or bigots at times?

If you can see differences does that make you racist, or observant?  If you note to another the difference are you then a racist, or observant?  Does someone have to see you being this preferential person for it to be true?  If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it fall, is it still a racist?  No, because trees can’t be racist.

If people are so individual why do we have a democracy where only the most popular out of the 14% of people who actually voted win?  Are we really more like American Idol and we vote according to the most popular from only the people who watch that particular show, and not the most able?

Maybe all houses need a station, like YouTube or Hulu on Roku, where you sign on and there are little colored buttons, with the name of the candidate, and you simply push the button of the candidate you like at the leisure of your home.  It’s like part of a TV show.  The TV show is only on for a month, or a few months.  You aren’t allowed to spend billions and billions of dollars.  Maybe the station is paid for by advertisers, like a TV show.  You can watch a brief little documentary on the person with a non-biased list of their policy and views with just the facts and no sales job.  You can have four segments to the documentary:  The speech, the family, the background, and then referrals from people who know this candidate.  I think more people would vote if we made it super easy like that.

It’s something to think about.



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